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There exists a world beneath our world, a dark world filled with mysteries, monsters and power. There exists a secret world beneath our very feet where men fight for control. They fight demons. They fight angels. They fight even themselves. A silent pulse echoes from this world beckoning to those who can hear. Taunting them. Tempting them. Drawing them in. It calls to you. The pulse beckons. Will you answer?

Something stirs in the Deeps. Something old, something forgotten, and most of all, something powerful. Everyone can feel it. Even normal society is responding to its stirring. The economy is weakened. The climate shifts. Humans spread their own blood across the Earth’s surface in response. More and more, unexplained incidents are cropping up. A hulking dark figure caused extreme structural damage to an apartment building. People are going missing. The factions are gearing up for war. Something is coming.

The Setting

The Secret World exists behind the curtain of our own reality. Here at NC State, factions are fighting it and vieing for power in an attempt to control the portals to power. You will start as normal humans with characteristics of your choosing. Slowly, your characters will be introduced this hidden world and the power it holds.

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