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The first thing you must understand in order to grasp the reality of the universe we live in is this: the human mind is not some product of evolutionary states by happenchance or natural selection. While animals and the features of our bodies may very well be that sort of product, the mind is a very different entity. At its core, the human mind is a reflection, a mimicry of the way our reality was implemented. Thus, the way the mind works mirrors the way reality works.

Quantitatively, what does this mean? Very little. Everyone’s mind works differently and any themes or theorems that can be applied to the general concept of thought are too weak to be of use for our ends. Ultimately, it suffices to understand that human thought mirrors reality. And just as how a distorted mirror can change the lighting of a room, so too can human thought alter our reality.


Language is a product of the human mind. Granted this is not the product of just one mind, but it is the product of the mind in general. As such, language can reflect fundamental nature of reality. If a concept cannot be stated adequately in language, than our research shows that it is not likely to exist.

Language can be used to describe the fundamental actions or the Verbs of reality. These words are the actions that every other action in reality can be boiled down to, much in the same way as every tool can be boiled down to the simple tools (hammer, wedge, lever, etc). These Verbs in English are as follows:

  • Create
  • Control
  • Influence
  • Enhance
  • Tax
  • Destroy
  • Transmute

These 7 verbs describe the actions of reality. Any power, any ability, and supernatural thing you have observed, can be described by some combination of these 7 terms.


We have reviewed the actions reality can undertake, but what can these actions be performed upon? Every action requires an object. These objects are the Nouns. Unlike the Verbs, these are not constant and often reflect pervasive thinking of the generation using them. Older Mages used the archaic Elements of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Spirit to manipulate their realities. Today, those types of Mages are very rare. Recently, we have begun to see an increase in more scientifically grounded terms such as Enthalpy, Electricity and the like. And new Nouns are being discovered every day.

More than anything, Nouns are the means by which a Magicker understands her reality. One who uses the archaic Elements sees the world cast in dark light of the unknown. One who uses more concrete terms tends to see the world as clear cut and explainable (a mentality I am inclined to find humour in).


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