Templars The Gatekeepers

The Templars guard the secrets of the Deeps with religious fervor. Tending to err on the side of the way to keep a secret is to kill all of those who know about, the Templars are always itching to eliminate anyone who threatens to reveal the Deeps to the rest of the world. Most Templars will lunge at an outsider given just the slightest excuse. The Templars tend to focus on using magick as a method of combat. Using their particularly offensive form of magick, the Templars pounce on any new monster that rises from the Deeps and to keep outsiders from learning the secrets of the Deeps.

The Grand Master – The head of the entire Templar Order. This position is all powerful in respect to the Order, and the Grand Master’s word is final and law.

Seneschal – The advisor to the Grand Master who oversees the Masters.

Masters – Each region has a single Master that serves in the Grand Master’s place when the Grand Master is away. For all intents and purposes, the Masters are all powerful within the Order and only answer to each other and the Grand Master.

Marhsal – Military leader of the Templars, this position can be seen as a chief of police role in times of peace.

Draper – Head Handler of all non-military matters of the Templars

Sergeants and Knights – These make up the bulk of the Templars, Sergeants being above Knights.

General Personality – Arrogant, Noble, Guarded

Illuminati The Librarians

The Illuminati are particularly more open minded than the Templars. While they will not openly share their secrets with anyone, the thought of others knowing about the Deeps is not terribly distressing. However, no one can know more than the Illuminati. The Illuminati will murder, manipulate and steal in order to wrench knowledge from those that would keep it from them. Never come between the Illuminati and a hidden piece of the Deeps.

Pindar – This is the overseer of the Illuminati and is a member of one of the 13 ruling families.

13 Ruling Families – Each of the 13 ruling families rules over some region of the planent. Hierarchy within these families can vary

Council of 13 – Each ruling family has an under-council of 13 members that carry out the commands and orders of the ruling family.

Member – Standard name of a basic Illuminati member

General Personalities – Haughty, Arrogant, Intelligent, Generally Helpful:

Note: Relationship between the Illuminati and the Templars

The Illuminati and the Templars are the two oldest organizations. The pair often work in unison and see each other as grudging allies. The Templars like to make use of the Illuminati’s magick technology and knowledge while the Illuminati like to use the Templars as guard dogs of dangerous secrets. These two are the largest and most powerful of the cabals, and they would like to keep it that way.

Another dark cabal, the Hashshasin are another group of which little is known. It is believed that the Hashshasin are a group that focuses on learning magicks to assist in assassinations. Its not common knowledge if the new Hashshasin has any connection to the old Middle Eastern sect of the same name, but their purpose seems to be similar.

General Personalities – Guarded, Dark and Cold


This cabal tends to be among the most light hearted. The group is made up of con-men and pranksters using magick to perform anything from standard magic tricks to intricate illusions used to perform large robberies. Most of the more serious cabals consider the Jokers a joke (ha…), but few are more well versed in the art of illusions and trickery.

Hierarchy: The Jokers have a general communion hierarchy. Meetings are held were any adopted into the community can have a say. To be adopted, a member must be approved by at least 30% of the communion. There is a council of ten Jokers, named the Illusionists who handle administrative tasks and are appointed by a vote.

General Personalities – Facetious, Pranksters, Suave, Smooth-talkers


A mix between new age hippies and hardcore researchers, the Qemists are heavily involved in researching the use of magick and how it accomplishes what it does. A sort of homegrown version of the Illuminati’s research division, the Qemists are generally open to new members and those who need knowledge. Because of their open nature with secrets, the Templars are generally at odds with the Qemists and the Illuminati would rather these kids vanish. But for now, the Qemists is a small enough group to not attract too much attention from the two major cabals.

Notable Inventions: Developments with the Wind and Luck elements that led to greater knowledge of the Entropy element.

Hierarchy: The Qemists have the same hierarchy as a university, with Professors, Assistant Professors, Instructors and Students. Professors are appointed by a 100% approval of all other Professors. To become a member, one must be sponsored by an Assistant or full Professor.

General Member Personalities – Helpful and Curious:

Students & Instructors – Students & Instructors are generally very liberal and open to
talking about magick and its uses. They are very innocently inquistive.

Full and Assistant Professors – Full and Assistant Professors are still very open to discussion but are notably more reclusive and guarded than students.


The Associates are more of a myth than a true faction, mentioned in anecdotes and jokes. As the story goes, the Associates are a group of humans, or perhaps things that used to be humans, that are attached to some higher and fully unseen order. The Associates appear randomly throughout the world during times of change. Many think that the Associates are part of some conspiracy at a New World Order. They often appear dressed in business suits and speak in riddles. Sometimes referred to as the G-Men.


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