Steven Jekyl

Steven is physicist with two other personalities: A psychotic mercenary and a law abiding gentlemen.



  • High Concept: Split Personalities (Guardian, Physicist, Joker)
  • For Everything else, there’s Science
  • Yea, I’m right
  • Don Quixote
  • Lust for Chaos
  • Young Professional
  • For everything, there’s Mastercard
  • You mad?


  • Note: This gets complicated for Steven
Don Quixote Steven Jekyl
Fearlessness Photographic Memory Weapon Creativity
Windmill Fighter Universal Knowledge Ambidextrous
Medieval Knight Quickwit Quick Reflexes
Lucky Black Market Black Market


  • Physical: 2
  • Mental: 4
  • Social: 2


  • Note: This gets complicated for Steven
Personality Name: Don Quixote Steven Jekyl
Superb Empathy Academics Weapons
Great Resources Resources Resources
Good Conviction Conviction Conviction
Fair Survival, Guns Engineering Guns, Alertness
Mediocre Presence, Endurance, Weapons, Rapport Investigation, Endurance, Weapons, Guns, Pilot, Contacts Performance, Endurance, Contacts, Deceit


Born to a rich family in Germany, Steven was a child prodigy in math and science. This became a great love for physics during grade school.

Young Adulthood

During a physics experiment, Steven was subjected to a massive concussion as the result of an explosion. This led to some…complications with his mind. Out of the explosion sprung three personalities: A lightly altered Steven, a law-abiding gentleman and a crazed mercenary.

After this developed, relations with his parents became strained. Steven moved to the US and began working NC State as a well known (previously published four times) associate professor.


Steven divides his time between his research, mercenary killings and a fight club run out of his newly acquired FYCA.

Steven Jekyl

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