Jean Hawking

Jean is an extremely loyal product of an dysfunctional family.



  • High Concept: Angry Conflict Resolution Specialist
  • Unwavering Loyalty
  • Love Animals
  • White Knight
  • Hold the Line
  • Fire is always the answer
  • Of course I’ve read that
  • Evil to evil. Good to good.


  • Weapon Creativity
  • Quick Draw
  • Combat Clarity
  • Bounce Back
  • First Aid


  • Physical: 4
  • Mental: 2
  • Social: 2


Skill Level Skill Names
Superb None
Great Weapons
Good Endurance, Fists
Fair Athletics, Guns, Might
Mediocre Alertness, Deceit, Intimidation, Survival

Early Childhood

As a boy, Jean had his first dog who was his first and closest friend. Learning from his pet, Jean became fiercely loyal and acquired a great love for animals.

Young Adulthood

Jean’s father was a drunk and abusive. He would beat Jean’s mother and sisters, but as Jean got older and challenged his father, the drunkard turned on Jean instead. Jean took his father’s beatings in place of his mother and sisters.

At the end of high school, Jean had had it with his father. In a fit of psychotic rage, Jean locked his father inside an empty house and burned it down.


After a month of wandering, an old teacher of Jean’s agreed to let him stay with her for a while. In his spare time, Jean has found a fight club where he regularly attends.

Jean Hawking

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