Secret World

What the Fuck

Session 1


Gwen is under investigation for potential cheating in a National exam. She met a mysterious man(Mr. Suave or Pierce Connery) who hinted he could help, but left due to her gruff attitude. Gwen has been placed on paid leave from the University until further notice. While at home, she noticed a car with government plates watching her house. She loaned her car to Jean who left it at a crime scene. Jean returned the car the next day.


Vhel was caught up in satisfying his murderous urges. He tracked a local pedophile and killed him. Odd things happened during the kill. The pedophile seemingly ran into an “Invisible Hulk” before falling unconscious. Also, while Vhel was carrying two bags of the pedophile’s remains, somehow two other bags were moved next to him. Vhel also noticed he was being followed after disposing of the body. After returning to the pedophile’s house, Vhel found the place spotless except for a card with an intricate symbol on it.


Steven gave a speech that garnered much more attention than normal. Jekyl visited his fight club which was raided by men in SWAT gear. Jekyl lashed out but was suppressed by an unseen force. The invaders attacked one of the fighters and literally ripped the man’s arms off. Jekyl kept the armless man’s body for examination. Steven looked over the body and found traces of some sort of drug in the dead man’s veins.


Jean met with a nameless man at a local bar (John Wayne) who informed Jean that someone was looking into his past. Jean later took Gwen’s car to Fight Club, where men in SWAT gear invaded. After all of the commotion, Jean forgot to bring Gwen’s car back. The next day he stole Gwen’s car from a crime scene and replaced the license plate with that of another car of the same make, model and color.



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