Secret World

The Vision

Session 2


Gwen made a deal with Mr. Suave, discovered to be named Sean Patrick, to escape the accusation of cheating. Out of this came the nickname: Gweny. When the vision struck, Gwen saw an open book.


Vhel was told of the FYCA incident by Jean. Vhel was offered an assassination contract from a man in Chicago. When the vision struck, Vhel saw a knife and a needle crossed over a black background.


Offered research money by Sean Patrick in turn for the body and updates on research. Eventually, Steven overturned the body to Sean Patrick. When the vision struck, Steven saw a black hole with a man at the center. He awoke with a sensation of a mass within his head. After fiddling with this sensation, he believes he can summon his butler with a thought.


Jean saved a guy from a fight outside his bar. When he attacked this man’s attacker, the attacker was covered in cuts. The man he saved offered Jean a drink and said his name was Scott. When the vision struck, Jean saw a Snake wrapped around a sword with a tongue.



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